The Practice of Healing

I hear one of two things from you after Mind-Body Healing (INside-OWT) appointments.

First, you often feel profound lightness, gratitude, or relief from the emotional burden you came in with. I love it. I light up with joy when I hear this. I know what it’s like to have those kinds of results.

Other times, I hear that you felt great for a week or so, and then some old thought patterns and emotions arose. Despite how normal this is, I sometimes fear that you might stop here, where your internal conflict is unresolved.

When Life Crashes In (Part 2)

In my last post, I talked about what to do when your life is disrupted in a major way. My top suggestion was to find support in any way possible and that you may need to be vulnerable to do so.

I’ve felt dissatisfied since writing it though. There are so many types of disruptive changes and so many ways to move through them. There is no universal formula.

What to Do When Life Crashes In

Sometimes life comes in like a tsunami, all ferocity, waves, and weight. One can’t help but get knocked off their feet.

Suddenly, the roadmap of life no longer makes sense. Are you up or down? Your feet aren’t touching solid ground, so how can you determine whether you’re hovering over grass, rocks, or a chasm?