I struggled my whole life.

I searched for a way and a place to belong. It hurt to be in my own skin: uncomfortable, depressed, lonely, aching, and longing for something to fill the hole inside me.

No matter what I did, where I went, or how I searched, I always felt hungry. There had to be something more out there: something that would make me feel better, something to fulfill me. I obeyed all the rules and took all the advice I was given, but they didn’t do anything for the void I felt. I felt as if life was a puzzle, and I was missing the piece that made it liveable. Other people seemed to be functioning, but I couldn’t figure out the secret.

Through depression and pain and unspeakable suffering, I survived the best I could, but I always kept searching. And then I began to find what I was looking for:

It was me.

I was what I had been looking for.

I had spent my life cutting myself off from feeling, absorbing harmful beliefs, avoiding conflict, pleasing others, pushing down discomfort, and hiding my true self. When I wasn’t present in me, I also couldn’t be fully present for all of life around me.

When I began to reconnect to self, I realized I wanted a life of significance—I had been born, as all of us have, with care, skills, and an ability to serve others from a deep well of experience and love.

Now, everything I am is here to serve, to write, to encourage, to heal, from this place of heart-connection so that others can find hope and fully embrace their own selves.

I live the life of a seeker.

I love to learn and grow every day, as I connect with my inner voice, thoughts, and feelings.

I practice connection with my husband and children, others, and everything around me.

Life is a journey with no destination, and I love the roller-coaster ride. I am learning the downs are just as important as the ups.

I am a spiritual, intuitive, highly sensitive person and social introvert, who feels deeply both the beauty and pain of life (and wouldn’t have it any other way).

I love to read and write, spend time outdoors, sew and knit, play with my Labradoodle, and have deep conversations with close friends.

Holding space for people who are hurting fills my heart.

I embrace the beauty that I learned within my church, the pain and undoing in leaving church, and the openness found in spirituality after church.

I serve wholeheartedly from a place of unconditional acceptance that others can also find, if they will be brave enough to take their own steps inward.

Naomi Rozak - Reiki Practioner
Naomi Rozak

'Holding space for people who are hurting fills my heart.'

What I Do

I support people through Sacred Self Sessions (reconnection to who they are at their core for healing and purpose) and Reiki energy healing (Level II Holy Fire certification).

I also write from my heart and personal experience about healing, emotional awareness, intuition, and how we come home to our true selves at my blog.

2023 Updates

Upcoming Book

This year I have completed the first draft of my book! It tells the story of my journey to find healing and fulfillment out of dissociation, trauma, and shame, and how I could eventually look back and see the missing piece was the sacred connection to myself. Through the book I share more about the different sacred freedoms available to each of us that we can reclaim as we heal our connection to ourselves and release ourselves from the effects of trauma and shame (places where we have been told we are “not good enough”). Its theme is the central idea that we are all good enough, and when we are missing a piece of the puzzle, it is found by journeying inward to find what is missing–and that we, at our core, have a Sacred Self waiting to guide us into all we seek.