Providing Reiki & Emotional Healing Sessions in the Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park Region.

My Soul’s Purpose is to Heal.

I have always wanted to see people move past thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that prevent them from finding happiness and fulfillment. My passion is to provide a place where people who seek healing can feel safe and cared for, basking in the warmth of being truly seen and heard by another human being.

Naomi Rozak - Reiki Practioner
Naomi Rozak

Reiki Sessions

Reiki clears energetic pathways within your body to promote relaxation and healing.

The purpose of receiving a reiki treatment is to physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually live your highest and best life with clarity, positivity, and purpose.

INside-OWT Sessions

Find healing from the Inside-Out

INside-OWT is a way to be deeply present, and to understand the meaning of your symptoms, to develop trust, to grow spiritually and to heal – inside and out. 

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