Seeking the Sacred Self

Everything you are looking for is within you.

To the one looking for more:

I see you. Those of you who feel unsettled, like something is wrong, and you just can’t figure out how to fix it. Something is missing in your life, and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to find missing piece. You want to change yourself so that you feel better, but no matter how hard you try, you find yourself stuck in the same thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

And it’s been this way for a long time, as long as you can remember. You look around at other people and wonder how they function so easily, while for you, life has always felt hard, like you’re three feet below the surface while everyone else floats happily on top. And you feel sick inside at the thought that it will always be this way. It doesn’t seem possible that you could feel better, but you know you desperately want to.

What if that wanting feeling is not meant for you to feel bad, but trying to point you to how you could feel good? What if it’s a message from your true self, a part of you that knows exactly what you need to feel peaceful? Fulfilled? … Whole?

You were always meant to be whole.

In fact, you started out that way, and that whole place is still inside you: it is your sacred self.

The Sacred Self is the essence of you at your core and the way this essence connects to your body and lives out through your unique personality. You are sacred, and you came to the world vibrant, whole, and with wisdom and gifts. Your Sacred Self knows exactly who you are and what you want in life, and it speaks to you through how you feel.

Yet over time, your home environment, painful experiences, society’s beliefs, and conditional acceptance by others have broken your connection to your sacred self. Some harmful thing appeared in your life and changed everything—how you see life, how you function, and how you feel—and every time this happened, you lost more of Who You Are.

You do not feel wrong because you are missing something outside of yourself; you feel wrong because you have lost your true self—the Sacred Self and how you connect to it.

Sacred Self Hands on Heart

Disconnection from your Sacred Self feels like:

  • Frustration, anger, resentment, dissatisfaction, depression, helplessness, unfulfillment, purposelessness, and more
  • Unhappy relationships
  • A sense that there is something more out there that you haven’t found
  • You aren’t really in your body
  • You can’t give or receive love in a way that you can feel in your heart
  • Thoughts, feelings, and behaviours you can’t change no matter how hard you try
  • A desire to be loved, accepted, or given attention that is never met.
  • You are not safe.
  • A sense that something is wrong and you don’t know what it is.

When we feel something is wrong, we try to fix that feeling.

We put out feelers for what might work: “Hmm, maybe I need a partner or to have kids or start this degree… maybe this modality or this practitioner or this book or this job will be what I need.” Then we are distraught when nothing makes us feel better.

And the main fix we are offered is thinking-based therapy. Many of my clients have been in counselling for years and they tell me, “I am so tired of talking about this; I’m just venting and nothing ever changes. When will I feel different?”

You will feel different when the disconnected pieces of yourself switch back to connection. This can rarely be done by thinking and talking, because the disconnection occurred between your mind and your feelings.

You cannot heal something that happened to you by remaining disconnected from the whole place inside of you where it occurred, that place of feeling that is the connection of the mind, body, and spirit.

You heal by letting your inner self lead you to the place of disconnection and show you what you need to know about it, which allows stuck feelings to release from your body and your Sacred Self—full connection—to be felt, maybe for the first time ever.


The question is, “How?”

“But Naomi, I’ve tried all the things. Nothing works.”

Yes, nothing has worked yet. That’s because you thought the answers were outside of you when the answers have always been deep inside, but the path to them was disconnected. When you rebuild your connection pathways to your Sacred Self, all the knowledge you need is still there, waiting.

The answers are within. The path to your Sacred Self is within. And you will find what your heart is craving as you begin that inner journey—not just with your thinking, but with the feelings and senses that are part of your whole self.

I’m not here to fix you.

I don’t position myself as an expert in your life to show you where you are lacking—you are whole. I guide you to connect you to that wholeness, as I have been guided by others and out of that same place of wholeness in me. I’m here to shed light on your inner path to your Sacred Self.

I compassionately guide you to see, feel, and know your own inner world, and to engage with the knowledge you find there to transform what has felt wrong.

As we encounter places of disconnection, you will release stuck emotions and new feelings will flood in—peace, wisdom, and understanding.

You will discover the wholeness beneath that disconnection, and you will feel it. Instead of dragging around an emotional backpack of bricks, you will move forward with lightness in your spirit.

This is your permission to acknowledge what you have always felt: Something isn’t right, and you are meant for something more.

Naomi Rozak Sacred Self
Naomi Rozak | Sacred Self


the Sacred Self Session

The Sacred Self Session is an invitation to rediscover the place in you where you feel whole and well through compassionate, experienced guidance combined with a supported inner journey at an energetic level.*

Through this process, you can understand and shift any intense experience in your life, heal your wounds, and reconnect to the part of you that knows who you are and all the possibilities that exist for you.

Sacred Self Sessions help you naturally shed fear of your inner world and explore any area of heightened awareness—any concern, conflict, interest, feeling, issue, pain, trauma, fear, or curiosity—whether the cause is a lifetime of dissatisfaction or a recent period of distress.

What Others Are Saying

“Currently, I am thriving as a life, health, and spiritual coach in my 50s. Over the years, I’ve been on a profound quest for self-improvement, but occasionally, I find myself facing challenges that disrupt my usual flow of life. During these times, I recognize the need for support and a boost to propel me forward, and the first solution that crosses my mind is to book a Sacred Self Session.

In my most recent session, I felt as though I was dragging a heavy trailer of lead behind me, weighed down by feeling isolated and unloved, and questioning the value of pursuing my authentic life when it seemed to entail loneliness and misunderstanding from those I hold dear. However, during the session, I experienced a profound transformation. It was as if a colossal weight lifted from my shoulders. I felt a newfound sense of freedom, and the flow of life returned to me. Within just a day, I was back to living my beautifully authentic life. The leaden burden I had been carrying transformed to feathers, and I felt the love within me flowing once more. With this renewed strength, I felt empowered and ready to conquer the world.”

Kerstin Pelletier, Edmonton

“At the time of my Sacred Self Session with Naomi I felt disconnected, with no sense of belonging in this new city where I now reside.  I saw myself sitting in a beige box with no will to move on.

This session helped me see clearly the picture I had in my mind.  I knew then that I had to make some changes to bring colour and light into my life. After my session I felt more motivated and a sense of “this is my home now.”

Lilia, Edmonton

How It Works


You are guided to sink into your inner, meditative world. An image, feeling, word, or sensation arises, and you are supported to interact with it in a way that resonates with you.


Your sacred self provides more healing information about what has come up. You experience a full-body felt understanding, which releases stuck emotions and flips disconnected places back to connection. Acceptance flows in, bringing peace.


You are supported to engage even more with your inner world by asking your sacred self any questions that pop up. Your own wisdom encourages you and shows you possibilities for moving forward in life.

What Sacred Self Reconnection Does:

Your sacred self is the most empowered version of you, helping you to make changes with ease because you don’t have to work against your feelings. The more you rebuild connection to yourself, the more you can:

  • make self-honouring choices
  • live peacefully
  • discover your values
  • know your boundaries
  • care for yourself in ways that really make a difference
  • feel better.

Here, your feelings are important, and you follow what they are saying to find answers. Your Sacred Self will always use your feelings to provide options that are outside the box, ones that feel authentic to you and serve the wholeness in others too.

You are not missing something—you are the missing something. And when you reconnect to your sacred self, the possibilities are endless.

*Using the perspective and tools contained within universal laws of healing described & taught by Summer Bozohora as INside-OWT or I.N.O.W.T.

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